Wi spik Inglish

paankbilang.blogspot, Bored. A little things that can be the reason of a big-big problem. You may think this article is for monetize blog, paid review, or else. That's fully wrong. It just for hepi-hepi aja. You see I speak english with a blepotan grammar, and i know it. If you feel bore till this point you can leave, or if you wanna read this un-structured article you can click this.

Actually I've got myself confused till this point. I don't know what should I have to tell you. So what? I have my dictionary lost... disappear and faded to black, but not featuring Bondan Prakoso of course.

Can you help me now? I need to finish this bullshit. I have to stop wasting your time. But,... I may can't handle myself to sit and not doing something sh*t. I have problem to manage my time. Losing control of it and I... no. I have to stop it now.

Okay, ladies and management, its time to you to go. Take your point, I'm in position. Opooooooo iki?????

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jangan lupa ninggalin comment sama isi buku tamu yaa

6 komentar:

oeoes said...

kang blog'nya kok tambah berat...??
terlalu banyak widget ma js kali

Darin said...

maksudnya apaan nih bro, kagak ngarti hehehe.
salam kenal dan izin follow :)

paank Fachrezi said...

Kang Oeoes:
Iya ya kang? Wedew! Keknya iklan di header itu deh.... baru mo nyoba komersil dikit je

Hwahahaha... ane juga kagak paham lagi ngomong apaan....
Otre ntar tek follow balik

jaloee said...

if there is a pay-guns .. I'll pay just fun: D

This I have translated from the uncle google .. understand or do not understand huh .. hihihiih

paank Fachrezi said...

Just calm down, I'll pretend to understand. This template type was said "magazine" but why it looks like this?.
whether the new templates are interesting to you sir?

Jonny Chan said...

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