Wi Spik English Part 2

paankbilang.blogspot,Currently, I just wanted to write it. just write. This is not about anything important. nor for any frustration or anything else that is annoying. just write it.
I am not a clever person who understands about the trading business, or about real estate. I am just someone who likes to talking with myself, and occasionally playing games.
My favorite games are FPS game types. shooting and set the strategy for a moment forget about the daily fatigue.
I also love traveling. but this one indulgence too time-consuming and cost, hue he he ... limited money so can not travel to distant places offline.
I'm gonna cut it out. I will play Cross Fire now. bam bam bam. taratatatata... Fire in a hole --- Fire in a hole!

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9 komentar:

Tukang komen said...

ups.... mo komen apa ya... jadi bingung

jaloee said...

hahaha .. You may be the type of person who loves his own world

same with me then

terjemahan dari mbah paang :D

paank Fachrezi said...

@ Tukang Komen:
hue he he ap to yu broth....

@ Kang Jaloee:
Yes I'am, I love this much...

zarod said...

waduh gak bisa bahasa engres mas, btw salam kenal :)

paank Fachrezi said...

hue he he... itu juga bahasa linggris versi awur-awur angin hue he he

MATA HATI said...

wadoooh..inggrisku aja tarzan..jd garuk2 deh pank

Yohan Wibisono said...

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